Friday, January 23, 2015

The Rose is finally back on the Streets...

Note: I've worked on these traks - or at least 6 of them that formed the core of this project - for about 15 years or so. It's time to put them out, warts & all. I know I said that last time, but this time it's more acceptable warts - to me, anyway. Please indulge the bulk of the following, which is my publicity write up for some of the distributing venues I'm on. 

Ciao for now~!

Availible on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play and all major venues.


Released 12 December 2014

Backing Tracks Recorded at Opal Studios in Portland, OR - a venue that has worked on recent releases by Scorpions & Animotion.

Finishing Parts recorded at Perigee Studios, Unltd.

Mixdown by Kevin Wayne.

Mastering by TJ Habibi.

A voice that recalls Springsteen, Richard Thompson, Elvis Costello - Kevin Wayne sings of the streets from his own unique perspective. A perspective that grew from the days of being part of a Church that reached out to the Homeless, to when he became Homeless himself. This album was actually begun around 2001, then shelved for a time, during which Kevin wrote more songs and eventually released his "homemade" album No Use In Cryin' (also available on CD Baby.)

The basic tracks.were recorded at Opal Studios in Portland, OR - a venue that has worked on recent releases by Scorpions & Animotion. The album was finished at Kevin's private operation, Perigee Studios, Unltd. The music here brims with the influence of Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, The Kinks, Larry Norman, Bob Dylan.

American Gospel/Blues artist Darrell Mansfield lends his harmonica talents on "This Ain't Wall Street." Darrell has recorded more than 30 albums of his own in addition to working with such illuminates ans Van Halen, Bon Jovi, The Five Blind Boys of Alabama, Rick Derringer & Billy Idol.

All songs were written by Kevin Wayne, except the Civil War era classic "Follow The Drinking Gourd," a traditional tune that was inspired by the Underground Railroad operation to free the slaves.

Album cover photography: Doug Luckey.

SPECIAL THANKS GOES TO: LeJaz and Barking At The Aunts. Look for both these fine gentleman's music on Bandcamp! For the hours of putting up with my questions, rantings, ravings & being my unpaid consultants. Without whom, this album probably would have been made anyway, but who likes doing things by yourself?


Kevin Wayne: Lead Vox, Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar solo on "A Part Of You" and "Beatitudes," Guitar Harmonics on “Faith.” Electric Rhythm Guitar on "Street Corner Rock Star." Harmonica on “Faith,” "Hello (I'd To Be Your Friend,)" "Live For Today," "Follow The Drinking Gourd," and "The Rose of The Streets."

Darrell Mansfield: Harmonica on "This Ain't Wall Street"

Debbie Day: Intro, Background vox on "Beatitudes." BGV on "Live For Today."  

LeJaz: Tambourine loop on "A Part Of You" & "Faith." BGV Edits on "Beatitudes." 

Barking At The Aunts: Live Tambourine on "A Part Of You" & "Faith." 

Nigel Cuff: Tambourine & Shaker on "Follow The Drinking Gourd," Tambourine on "The Rose of The Streets." 

Rainee Perdue: Background vox on "Beatitudes." 

Emily Imes: Background vox on "Beatitudes."  

Troy Botel of Useless 'N' Pointless: Git Solo on "Street Corner Rock Star" 

Ken Brewer: Organ on "Live For Today." 

Kevin Hahn, owner of Opal Studios: Bass, Electric Rhythm Guitars. Backing vox on "Hello," "Follow The Drinking Gourd," and "Street Corner Rock Star." 

Thom Sullivan: Classic Rock style Drums.

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