Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Rockin Statement For Men & Boys


LISTEN, PURCHASE, DOWNLOAD: The 1:40:40 song "The Scriptures" by The Alarm featuring over 200 musicians, including Kevin Wayne:


80's MTV sensation The Alarm is recording a song to benefit the Hadassah Bone Marrow Donor Registry in Jerusalem, Israel. And they're inviting whoever wants to be involved to join in. So I wrote & recorded 1 verse for the Rights of Men & Boys & submitted it last week.

More about Hadassah: 

Kevin Wayne participates in Jack Black/Tenacious D sponsored contest!

Back for its second year, Festival Supreme is a Music and Comedy festival curated by none other than Tenacious D.

They are inviting musicians and comedians across the U.S. to submit a comedy song in the spirit of the festival for the chance to perform it on stage at the Shrine Expo Hall & Grounds and receive a cash prize. Participants must be available to travel to Los Angeles the weekend of Friday October 24th and Saturday October 25th, 2014.

All of the submissions will be judged by Jack Black and Kyle Gass of Tenacious D.

"A chance for Jack Black to hear my music!" was one reason Kevin decided to get into the act and submitted the song "Festival Supreme" a late entry to the contest. The song is a humorous tale of an encounter with a Strumpet in an elevator, partly based on a real-life experience. But will it be dirty enough for "The D" & the Festival Supreme crowd? Winner to be announced Oct 1st!

Kevin explains further:
"Originally I had posted a crappy recording with me singing in a headset condenser mic from Radio Shack. But then I realized this wasn't a half bad little tune, so I thought I'd put a little effort into it. Just to showcase the lyrics & the overall song a bit better. This was inspired by a true story, only in the real world, I did tell 'Sleazie' to get lost and meant it."
G Em
Going up the elevator to see my lady love
D7 Em
A sleazy woman got on with the same ride
G Em
Said “holla 5 dolla and I'll make you supreme”
D7 D
I said “Sorry, got a girlfriend” with my eyes open wide

C7 G
But Sleazie said “Oh you misconstrue what I mean”
C7 D
You can take off with me to the Festival Supreme!
You ho'in your own arse to get to Festival Supreme!
Em C G
I got out and thumbed my own ride to the Festival Supreme!

G C7 G
Supreme. Supreme, Festival Supreme D C7 G
Sorry baby but I'm going to the the Festival Supreme
C7 Em
Where the food is hot & the girls hotter if you know what I mean
D C7 G
We're all running off to the festival supreme.

G Em
Chicken mushroom swiss & bacon taco supreme
D Em
Mozarella peperoni mushroom Pizza supreme
G Em
She said “holla 50 dolla if you know what I'm sayin”
D7 D
Music festivals charge more for the food & the layin'