Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kevin Wayne's New Mp3 Single: Pictures Of You

Pictures Of You is available for purchase on Kevin's SoundClickBandcamp & Reverb Nation sites for only $0.75 cash.

This year of 2011 promises to see more of Kevin Wayne emerging from the shadows as a formidable songwriting force. In July, time is already booked at Opal Studios for beginning the final recordings of the long-delayed album The Rose Of The Streets. One has to liken the delays in this project with famous ones such as the Beach Boys Smile album, or Gun's & Roses' Chinese Democracy, both of which took years before they were finally released.

But now coming even sooner is the release of Kevin's version of Pictures Of You, a song originally written for the General Market. Co-produced with UK Songsmith Nigel Cuff, this will prove to be a foretaste of good things to come as older ideas for songs are finally realized.

"Originally my idea was to have a Female vocalist do Pictures Of You," explains Kevin. "But Nigel heard the vocal track I provided for him and said it was pretty darned good, and that I should try it with me singing the song instead. So there you have it!"

Kevin got the idea for the lyrics to the song by reading over the blogs and looking at the artwork of many Goth-Emo bloggers & general teens & twenty-somethings on MySpace & Tumblr. "Sort of a love for poetic imagery and plays on words- the way Youth tend to express themselves from the heart, when given an uncontrolled forum, it's just simply amazing" says Kevin. "Also the more that I listen to the lyrics, the more I get the feeling they foreshadowed a recent relationship of of my own."

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