Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kevin Wayne's upcoming collabs with Useless 'N' Pointless, 25Gauge

Click on the .mp3 player to hear Kevin's collabs with 25Gauge & UNP!

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Two upcoming collaborations with Kevin Wayne and other recording artists are currently in the works! The upcoming CD release from east Multnomah county rockers Useless 'N' Pointless (UNP) will feature a guest harmonica track from Kevin. UNP laid down the tracks for their upcoming release titled "Water" on Sat March 13 at Opal Recording Studio in East Portland. "I've heard most of the tracks they are busy working on, and it spells good things for the progression of their overall sound" noted Kevin, who dropped a blues harp part on the UNP original "American Lies." "Lots of it reminds me of Alice In Chains or even The Clash. They'll go far with this one."

Also, prior to the ending of last year saw the partial fruition of the Kevin Wayne/25Gauge co-written tune "Remember." The song is to be released in two different versions by each of the collaborating artists. Kevin's version of Remember is already online for previewing. Mark Brewer, the genius behind 25Gauge has stated that "Everyone who's heard it loves it" (Kevin's version.) Mark hails from
just outside the Portland Metro area, in a little secluded spot called Dayton, where he collaborates with his son Brendan Brewer and other artists in his vision of musical alchemy. The project is envisioned as a Rock Musical centered around recent family issues in Mark's life, as a sort of catharsis for happenings of days gone by. Tentavily titled "I'm Coming Apart," the album is to feature the 25G version of Remember.

Useless "N' Pointless expect their EP to be available soon. The project by 25Gauge will hopefully be completed by the end of this summer. Kevin hopes to feature collaborations with both bands on a future release of his own.

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