Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Currrent & Upcoming Projects

CURRENT ALBUM: What's been cooking at the musical kitchen of Five-Star Musical Chef, Kevin Wayne? Last April, I released my Internet Album, "No Use In Cryin" 12 tracks 45 minutes running time. This album is available for purchase & download for $7.99 at my SoundClick.com Store, or a hard copy is available for $8.99 (shipping included) by PayPal-ing me your payment & shipping info to KevinWayne@gmail.com. I put this collection of songs together from the best of the most recent recordings I had been working on. Just stuff I was tinkering with on my PC. The relase of "No Use In Cryin" will coincide with an upcoming ew film documentary that I'm featured in about Street Musicians in Portland, OR.

UPCOMING FILM: Speaking of which, that Documentary is tentatively titled "Artbeat of the City" and is currently in post-production by Ailgif Studios. Last year Filmmaker Mary Anne Benner joined me and a few other friends at one of my live appearances. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbMFdCyTr6E

NEW ARTIST COVER: My song "Pictures Of You", a composition from the days when I was trying to write for the General Market, will be covered in an upcoming release by Dutch female vocalist Miriam Brinkman (or Mirjam, as she's known in her homeland.) The song was originally written with an up an coming Teen-pop artist in mind, sort of an Avril Lavigne type breaking into serious Rock. Miriam has been racking up live performances and TV appearances in the Netherlands, and doing alright for it by all accounts!

Pictures of You has been previously covered by French/Italian artist Wania Weller, who's currently being approached to do a French language recording of the song. The goal of all of this? Multi-platinum Songwriter status, of course! Well, OK - "Without a vision the people perish" as some say, so if I ain't dremin', I'm dyin! ;-)

NEW RECORDING PROJECTS: And finally- Salem, OR area producer Charles Normal is being talked to about a couple of possible recording projects involving myself. One would be the Soundtrack/Companion CD to the upcoming Artbeat of the City movie, and the other is a new album by myself. Trust me when I tell you that Charles is world class, having toured & recorded with Gun's & Roses, Frank Black of the Pixies, Larry Norman, and has won awards for his production of Indie blues artist Mark Lemhouse. Keep checking for further updates.

Ciao For Now!